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Runner of the Month October: Autumn Foliage - Oak

Paper Piecing Pattern 15 x15 cm

Autumn Foliage - Oak
Design suggestion

When autumn leaves are falling I always like to collect some. Unfortunately they dry out and crinkle soon. Leaves from fabric are long lasting and bring back the beauty each year if stitched i.e. into a table runner.

Pattern Download:

oak.pdf (271 KB)      oak.pj7 (17 KB)

Files with a .pj7 extension are only for use with Electric Quilt software.

Make sure your printer's scaling option is set to "none" to print the correct size.

As always: Check out my to site tips for paper piecing.


This pattern is intended exclusively for your own personal use.
Distribution and commercial use (e.g. sale of quilts based on the patterns) are expressly prohibited.

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