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Spring whispering 2017

Mysterious paper piecing block pattern in 4 portions
Finished block size 30 x 20 cm

Anyone who has already sewn one knows the trickery of this puzzle - it often remains mysterious until the end. That's how it should be!

Previous mysteries:

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It is impossible to provide exact fabric requirements for this paper piecing block. You will need just scraps except for the background fabric.

Make sure that all fabrics have good contrast to the background fabric as well as to each other. Tone-in tone and 'marbled' fabrics work best.

Download the color chart here:

color_chart.pdf (103 KB)

Download part 3 here:

spring_whispering_part3.pdf (62 KB)

Part 4 will show up soon ... but at the same moment part 3 will disappear. So watch out to get all the parts! My newsletter subscribers receive reminders. If you want to join in Mail email me.

Missed some parts?

Here is your chance to get them:

I want you to sew!

I know quilters love to collect. But this pattern is made for sewing! So send me a picture or a to site scanned image of your already sewn parts (right side up) and I will send the missed pattern pieces in return!
Please remember to include the number of your missing part in the headline of the email.


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