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Hand Appliqué with Organza (23.07.2008)

For the to site Sunflower pattern I wanted to tell you about a neat trick for appliquéing by hand the bee's organza wings:

Organza ravels a lot and is very slippery. Both challenges can be overcome.

  1. Make freezer paper templates (without seam allowances) and iron them onto the right side of the organza. Yes, this works as long as the iron is not too hot, but just warm enough to melt the wax of the freezer paper. Experiment on a remnant. Cut out the wings with generous seam allowances.
  2. Make yourself comfortable and light a candle. Now slowly move the edge of the organza wings towards the flame of the candle, until you see that the fibers start to melt.

Melting the fibers at the flame

This process fuses the fibers and prevents their raveling. Move the entire edge of the wing along the flame. It will shrink a bit, but that's why you added the extra seam allowance.

Having secured the wings' edges and stabilized them with freezer paper they can now reasonably well be appliquéd using the needle-turn method.

Hand Appliqué with Organza


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