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Electric Quilt
Using EQ6 - Custom Library (20.12.2008)

To import the flower blocks from the 12 individual PJ6 files into your own block library and into your own project, do the following:

  1. Open a new project and name it, for example, "Flower_BOM_2008"
  2. Go to Libraries > Block Libraries > My Library. Click the + symbol in front of My Custom Libraries.

    Library Picture 1

    Click Add Library at the bottom left side. Type a name, e.g. paperpiecing, into the window that opened. Chose a number for the subdirectories. OK.
    Click the + symbol in front of "paperpiecing" and click once on Style 1, then once more.
    Type name for the subdirectory, e.g. FlowerBOM. Click outside the name box to assign the name.
  3. Click Import. Navigate to your hellebore.pj6 (in the picture you see the German "Christrose" highlighted instead)

    Library Picture 2

    Click to choose it and click Open. You can now see all blocks contained in this project. (By the way: fabric swatches are never imported.) Click the hellebore block to select it and then click Copy at the bottom of the window.
  4. Go to My Library and chose the FlowerBOM directory. Click Paste. The hellebore appears. Click Save Library and OK. Click Add to Sketchbook to copy the block to your project Flower_BOM_2008.
  5. Repeat this process from number 3. until you have copied all flower blocks. Click Save Library and Close. Now all the blocks are saved in your own user library as well as in a new project.
    You can now design quilts with the flower blocks.
  6. You can use the same method to copy quilt layouts from individual projects to the layout library. And here's something else that's great: you can delete the single flower projects from your PJ6 directory. Room for new stuff ...


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