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For collectors:
Block Book for Blocks-of-the-Month (16.02.2009)


Every quilter who follows block-of-the-month patterns knows this situation: You sew a block and leave it out on your table to enjoy it. You sew another one, and yet another one ... At this point, at the latest, you have to come up with a way to store them all. The sewing table needs to be cleaned up, the design wall is needed for other projects, but simply shoving the blocks into a drawer? No, we can't have that!

Patricia Denk came up with the idea and the instructions for this practical "gadget". Closed, it looks like this:

Block Book (closed)

And the inside:

Block Book (inside)

For the interior pages you can use flannel or wool felt so that the blocks stick well.

Here you can download Patricia's instructions for the albumn: block_book.pdf (397 KB)

Thank you, Site in German Patricia!


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