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Dimensional Leaves (21.10.2010)

Helga J. has sewn the Magic Mushroom Garden. She used the leaf quilting patterns to create 3D leaves.
(You can find pictures of her Magic Mushroom Garden in the to site Guest Gallery.)

Here she shows you how:




Stack the following:

  • Fabric 1 right side facing down
  • Lightweight interfacing
  • Fabric 2 right side facing up
  • Paper with leaf drawing
    (functions also as stabilizer)



Use the same thread in the bobbin as for the top thread.

Stitch around the leaf and the stem with a satin stitch.

Stitch the leaf veins with a straight stitch or other decorative stitch of your choice.





Tear off the paper.




Cut out the leaf very close to the edge; at this point the interfacing won't be visible anymore. Take care not to cut into the threads.

You now have a leaf that looks finished from both sides.

Attach a ribbon and hang.

Pictures and words by Helga J.


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