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Autumnal Decorations From Natural Materials (14.10.2012)

Chestnut Chains:

Chestnut Chains 1 Chestnut Chains 2

Simple but effective!

Collect Horse Chestnuts and punch them using a pillar drilling machine. Knot the first chestnut to the end of a very stable synthetic string and continue threading. These chains are getting heavy so keep them no longer than 2 - 3 metres. Place them outdoors by hanging or winding them around objects. After some time you will notice the shrinkage from drying; if necessary shorten the string then. Of course the shimmer and color will fade away but in spite of that the chains may exist 2 - 3 years at a protected place near the house.

Flying Leaves:


For my front door I made tension curtains from white organza that fit right between the upper and lower rods. Then I attached neatened organza strips to form the flat pockets. They carry the press dried leaves of different style and size.

Tip: Store your leaves dry and flat and they will last several years.

Flying Leaves 1



Of course such a pocket curtain can be made suitable for any window or even as a wall hanging. Unfortunately Organza is distorting and slippery while sewing and therefore hard to manage. To stabilize it a bit I pinned it to lightweight paper for sewing.

Flying Leaves 2

Hanging Leaf Pile:



A funny object from leaves. I like to collect the ones from our Liquidambar. They are colourful and stable. But you may use what you have - just try it.

The assembly is easy: Knot a short twig to the end of a string as base. Then use a needle to thread many leaves crisscross so the leaf stalks stick out in all directions.

Hanging Leaf Pile




This all year round decoration is more elaborate to make. The slats from oak wood where cut to fit the framework of our house. The patchwork patterns are carved - with the help of family members. Finally I did the coloring using acrylic paints.

We made several tiles in groups and as single objects. They also decorate the walls inside the house.



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