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Paper Piecing:

White Cutting Mat (10.12.2012)

While you are paper piecing you want as much transparency as possible. This helps to determine the size and position of your fabric pieces. Using translucent paper is a good idea but a white cutting mat will increase the transparency effect.

If you can't find a pure white mat, this is my solution:

White Cutting Mat 1

Purchase a translucent mat with no, or white printed lines. I owned one that had black lines - not very helpful! What could I do? I discovered that I could remove the lines with a thinner without distorting the mat. I did it outside - it smelled like hell!

The result was a whitish translucent model. Much better. But when I took it to my sewing space it was not white - because I could see through to the dark table. In order to make the mat opaque I simply covered the reverse side with white paper (*). Voilà! A white cutting mat!

White Cutting Mat 2

This is how my paper piecing workspace looks now. I am very satisfied with my solution. I can easily see everything (lines, fabric) through the reversed piece. To me this is a pleasant labor-saver. Or should I say: It's just boosting sewing fun?

(*)   Join paper sheets to the desired size. Attach the paper using adhesive tape. This way it can be replaced easily. The trick is fine also for translucent mats with white print.


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