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Reusable (Christmas) Cards (14.12.2015)

Reusable (Christmas) Cards

It's such a shame that beautiful, handmade Christmas cards are only admired for a short time before they disappear into the dark depths of a drawer. "From old to new" is the motto here! The multiple inserts of this display card allow for easy reuse; a small printed note encourages to do so.

This is how my card looks like:

Reusable (Christmas) Cards

You need a three-part display card, it is best to fashion the cut-out yourself to fit your needs. Sew your motif but leave plenty of fabric around the edges.

Download Patterns Christmas Cards:

christmascards.pdf (137 KB)

The patterns consist of only one segment. Remove the paper, press. I have lined everything with very thin fleece (batting). Now you can embroider, quilt or add embellishments.

Reusable (Christmas) Cards


Place the miniature quilt behind the cards cut-out area, fold the left side of the card over and glue down. I have quilted a colorful frame with yarn around the motifs.

Text Template

For reusability I added three layers of writing paper sewn down with a short machine stitch. Perforated like this allows the slips to be easily torn off.

The template for the text can be found here:

Download Text Template:

cardsheet.pdf (23 KB)


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