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Philip M. Ward, New Zealand

Philip took the challenge to make 50 mini quilts, and in November 2009 he had completed 39 of them, for an exhibition in March 2010. Site in English This way to Philip's web site.

A - Z are places in UK that have significance for him, and Z - A are places in New Zealand of significance. Here is the whole story in Philip's own words:

One mans (unfinished) journey through life,
from A to Z and back again

This exercise may seem arrogant, but that is the last thing I had in mind when the concept came to me. I am a man that came to New Zealand in 1966, originally for a couple of years, and now have no wish to return to live in the land of my birth, here is home.

Philip M. Ward: Tweedle Dee und Tweedle Dum, part 1

I came to quilting by accident, not design, in 2002 and had never touched a sewing machine until then. I have spent most of my life as an historian, a book keeper of the financial records of businesses, otherwise known as a bean counter. What that occupation required was a reasonable understanding of maths, accuracy, diligence, and at times challenging.

I have found that all of those things were required in patchwork and quilting. What I particularly liked was the challenge.

Having made a few large quilts for family, I did not want to continue making them for their own sake, apart from which costs and storage are important.

The obvious answer was to make small and mini quilts, each different and posing their own unique challenge. Apart from the challenge, they would provide the opportunity to learn and apply new techniques.

Philip M. Ward: Tweedle Dee und Tweedle Dum, part 2

But then I needed an excuse for making lots of small quilts. I have been lucky in life in that I have been able to see many beautiful places in UK and NZ as well as in other countries.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a series from A to Z of the places that have given me pleasure in both countries I have known as home.

They would be a reminder to me in later years and provide my family with a slightly different insight into my life, and maybe, just tempt them to visit there themselves.

As you look at the quilts, I ask you to judge me kindly, I am an amateur and of only moderate skills, with a sewing machine that is frequently like a new puppy, often going its own way, ignoring the wishes of its owner.

I must admit that none of this could have been achieved without the help and support of my wife Mary.

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