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Paper Piecing Pattern,
Finished block size: 34 x 27 cm (~13 1/2" x 10 3/4"), plus seam allowances,
Quilt size ~ 53 x 46 cm (~21" x 18 ½"), appliqué templates are included

Kimmie, the prince
Kimmie, the prince

The white and black tomcat Kimmie was our adorable pet for two years. We found him via a regional TV show that is meant to find new homes for homeless pets. The shelter at Oer-Erkenschwick was taking care for Kimmie and we adopted him. One year later a camera team visited us for a home story with our TV tar! Then the next year Kimmie was killed by a car leaving us in sorrow. At that time the block was already sewn but for a long time I was too sad to work on the project. But meanwhile time has come:

Kimmie (design suggestion )
design suggestion
Kimmie (as sewn so far)
as sewn so far

This is my Kimmie project.

As I am still connected to the shelter in Oer-Erkenschwick (where we adopted another tomcat meanwhile) I again want to support their work again. They definitely take very good care of the cats and do their best to find friendly homes for them. I was engaged in fund raising before (see zur Seite Wee Tomcat) but needs never end. In 2013 the shelter celebrates its 30th anniversary and so I decided to give the proceeds from this pattern to the shelter.

Price (donation) for e-pattern (PDF):   5,00 €

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Distribution and commercial use (e.g. sale of quilts based on the patterns) are expressly prohibited.

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