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Organize Your Work Space (11.01.2008)

Sticky-Back Velcro is extremely useful. I have used it to attach two things to my sewing machine:

First: the seam ripper. Unfortunately, there is more use for it than I might like, and it has the bad habit of playing hide and seek. Enough! One side of the Velcro is now attached to the side of my sewing machine and the corresponding piece to the seam ripper. Now my tools are close at hand. Just be careful that the tip points downward, otherwise you might easily hurt yourself while turning your sewing machine's hand wheel!

Work Space 1

Second: pin cushions. That's right, plural! I have made two small pin cushions, each one with Velcro at the bottom. One of the corresponding Velcro pieces is on my sewing machine. Here I get rid of the needles as I pull them while sewing, and I always have them handy when I need them. The other Velcro piece is attached to the front of my notions basket above the cutting table. There I also pin longer seams and I don't want to have a box of pins sitting on my work area. Also, it is much easier to pick up a pin by its head rather than having to fish it out of a box. Frequently I run out of pins at the cutting table while the cushion at the sewing machine is well supplied. Then I simple exchange the pincushions including their contents!

Work Space 2

The notions container is commonly available at Ikea. I drilled two holes into the back so that I could hang it. Additionally I attached a few dowels on the side to hang small tools and basting thread.

Work Space 3


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