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Handling Teensy-Weensy Pattern Pieces (09.12.2008)

For best results extra patience and care are required when sewing a pattern with very small pieces. Additionally, the following tips will help:

  1. Use very fine thread. A high quality, smooth overlock or even silk thread will work well. Adjust your top thread tension a bit stronger than usual. Make a test seam to check.
  2. Make sure there are no thread nests at the beginning of the seam. If necessary, hold the thread with your hands when starting a new seam.
  3. Choose thin fabrics for the small pattern pieces.
  4. Usually you will get a more accurate fold on the fabric's grain. Therefore, mind the grain when dealing with small pattern pieces.
  5. After sewing, first iron the seam without turning the fabric so that the thread will sink into the seam (=setting the seam). Then sharply fold back the fabric and iron vigorously.
  6. Trim back the seam allowances to approx. 2mm ( 1/8th inch).


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