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What is QuiltAssistent and how do I get it? (07.02.2009)

QuiltAssistent is a free graphic software application with interesting features for quilters. The software supports the process of converting your photos into quilts, and you can also draw blocks or patterns and templates for English paper piecing. You can print your designs with seam allowances or export them into Electric Quilt.

Arnout Cosman lives in the Netherlands and is a quilter himself. He used his experience to develop QuiltAssistent. It is available in Dutch, English and German. You can find more details at Arnout's website Site in English http://www.cosman.nl/software_en.html. There you can also download for free the program and a manual.
And once you are there, don't forget to check out Arnout's unusual quilts, too!

Additionally, Arnout has created a Site in English forum where you can ask questions or talk about your experiences with QuiltAssistent.


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