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Penny's Hexie Caddy (22.11.2010)



Penny made this pretty Hexie Caddy Pincushion. On her Site in English blog she explains how to make your own.

Here is a Site in English Pineterest-page for Hexie Caddies.



My small caddy; have a closer look at it in the to site gallery.

By courtesy of Penny I translated her instructions for our German quilters. Additionally I made original size drawings for all the templates. I added a smaller version to the pdf file too.

You may download it here: hexiecaddytemplates.pdf (47 KB)

Still want another size? Look at to site this tip.


Site in German Bea created several caddies. She used scraps and was the first to add a padded heart for the sewing needles. They do like to disappear in those larger pin cushions, after all.

Jo from Cornwall, UK, wrote this:

I love the pincushion and have added a piece of ribbon sewn half way up round the interior before I joined the sides together so that it can hold scissors etc. You could also use elastic!

Gerdas caddy




And here is another great use for the caddy:
Gerda's cat got paw warmers!

More pictures are in the to site guest gallery.


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