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My EQ Boutique (29.04.2015)

See my Patterns at EQ Boutique

There is a clever idea from The Electric Quilt Company on the web called Site in English My EQ Boutique.

Meanwhile the website is offering more than 100 downloadable add-ons for your EQ7 software. They are designed by some of the top EQ designers and contain quilt and block patterns galore!

These block series will install right into your EQ7 block library.

I design in EQ7

I am proud to be one of the designers that where invited to be a part of this project from the start!

So far there are eight of my pattern series up: Year of Flowers, Spring Awakening, Nutcrackers Galore, Paper Pieced Garden Birds, Appliqué Garden Birds, All Things Christmas, Crooked Alphabet and Petrilla and Friends.

Having my paper piecing patterns available at My EQ Boutique might be especially interesting for my international readers who now get access to them the easy way.

You need the EQ7 software to make use of the Boutique blocks. Some series are delivered with an additional PDF with information and tips.

Here are my block pattern series:

My EQ Boutique: Petrilla and Friends My EQ Boutique: Crooked Alphabet My EQ Boutique: Year of Flowers
My EQ Boutique: Spring Awakening My EQ Boutique: Nutcrackers Galore My EQ Boutique: Paper Pieced Garden Birds
My EQ Boutique: Appliqué Garden Birds My EQ Boutique: All Things Christmas  


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