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Christmas Tree Ornaments (30.10.2011)

Irmgards Christmas Tree
The balls are heirlooms from Irmgard's parents.

Doesn't this tree look gorgeous? This is a quilter's adequate decoration!

Irmgard made these textile ornaments by her own and is kindly providing her templates and brief instructions.

Thank you, Irmgard!


tree_ornaments.pdf (70 KB)


And there is more:

Eli provides her tutorial on how to make textile bells. Depending on size and dart length they look quite different. You can even make a fir tree or an angel.

Thank you, Eli!


bells.pdf (234 KB)

Brittas Bells
These bells are made by Site in German Britta.
Cattinkas bellflowers
Site in German Cattinka made some bellflowers.

Next idea:

Fabric Star Fabric Star Birgit H.
von Birgit H.

Based on the to site Star Flower pattern Elisabeth developed three dimensional fabric stars. They remind me of our common gingerbread stars. Depending on your fabric choice they may also be snow or Christmas stars.

Thank you, Elisabeth!


fabricstars.pdf (88 KB)

If you make some Christmas tree decorations Irmgard, Eli, Elisabeth and I would be happy if you send a photo.


The following tip is shown in this video:
englischsprachige Seite http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=z0Zl_KLdMpo

Star Ornament
Source: youtube

As the templates the author refers to are no longer available I made new ones for you to download.

Download: star_ornament.pdf (37 KB)

How to enlarge or reduce the templates to your needs is described to site here.

Of course you may also use classic handpiecing or English Paper Piecing.
I incorporated the corresponding templates too.


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