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Quick Triangles - Paper Pieced (03.10.2012)

Quick Triangles 1


Patchwork patterns often contain triangle units.

The example shows a 30 cm (~12") block from 36 five centimeter (~2") units. Using the PDF pattern you can produce 12 triangle units in one go.

Finished size is 5 cm (~2") plus seam allowances. If you are sewing in inch just cut the finished units to 2 ½".

Quick Triangles 2


Print the pattern on (thin) paper and cut along the dottet lines.

Cut two fabric pieces ~ 7" x 10". Place right sides together and pin the pattern on top.

As always with paper piecing: Use a size 14 needle and a short stitch length.

Sew all along the dashed line - in one go!

Quick Triangles 3

Cut along the solid lines:

First on the outer line; then horizontal and vertical.

Remove the paper now and cut from corner to corner between the seams.

Iron seam allowances to one side.

By the way: when your scraps are smaller you may also use a part of the foundation only.

Quick Triangles 4


Using the to site Quicker Trimmer it is very simple to trim the units to exactly 6,5 x 6,5 cm.

Of course you may also use a standard (inch) ruler with a 45° line. But always look twice before cutting! Highlight the correct lines on your ruler with painters tape.


Quick Triangles 5
Design Suggestion

For many great ideas on scrapy quilts including triangles go to Site in English Bonnie Hunter's blog.


pp_triangles_2inch.pdf (58 KB)


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