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Paper Piecing:

Fabric Chart (16.01.2013)

For use with complex patterns

Fabric Chart 1


We all know this: when sewing complex blocks containing several similar fabrics you can easily grab the wrong piece. To minimize the risk I like to use a fabric chart. Cut a small piece from each fabric; glue it to a sheet of paper and mark them with the corresponding symbol.

From now on you will always know which fabric to use. One short look does it all.

Fabric Chart 2
Bild Ursel Z.


Ursel Z. used this system when sewing the "Golden October". In this case there is more than one fabric corresponding to each symbol.

Usually choosing fabrics takes a long time. Using a fabric chart will record the result clearly and you will not mix it up during block construction.

Mount the sheet close to your sewing space so you can see it easily and it will not be buried under the stuff on your table.

Fabric Chart 3

No design wall at hand? Make yourself a paper display. Fold the sheet of paper horizontally. Glue the examples to the lower half. Fold the short sides back approximately one inch. Connect these strips with adhesive film so your display will not sink down.

Fabric Chart 4

When test sewing my unfinished patterns I display the raw drawing in the same manner on my table. To make it easy for you to have the block overview on display I will change my pattern layout according to this idea starting with the Jubilee Rose.

With all old-style patterns: just cut and glue.


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Last update: 16.01.2013