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Quick Little Bag with Two Simple Seams (13.12.2014)

A kind fabric vendor at the local farmers market gave me the basic instructions for this little bag. She creates the most darling little gift bags from lacy curtain scraps - what a special and individual wrapping for a gift! Only two seams are necessary. The basic pattern easily enhances with some variations like a base for the bag or different ways to add closures.

Quick Little Bag 1

Using a transparent fabric like tulle or organdy will keep the contents visible. If the gift bag goes to a quilter, why not close it with some selvage?

Or use large stitches for your seam when you present your bag to a fellow sewing enthusiast. That way she will be able to quickly open the seams and use the fabric!

Any bag wider than 15 cm will allow you to sew a straight stitch along the folded tunnel to keep the folded fabrics from opening. Once the tunnel is permanently closed a ribbon or yarn can be inserted as a closure. Just remember to leave an opening on both sides of the side seams in the tunnel area.

Quick Little Bag 2

I have a drawer full of cords for various electronic devises. Several little bags helped clear the chaos of intertwining and entangled cords. Each bag has a little label to help me quickly identify the correct cord for cell phone, note pad, and chargers for cameras. It is so much easier to just grab the correct little bag from now on.

Download the instructions:

quick_little_bag.pdf (280 KB)


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